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Sir Arthur C. Clarke of Minehead invented the idea of artificial satellites; he sent a letter to Harry Wexler who then developed the first weather satellite TIROS-1. Sir Arthur Eddington of Weston-super-Mare was the first to realise that nuclear fusion powered the Sun; at the 1920 British Association meeting he said that the Sun converted hydrogen into helium, although the mechanism (nuclear fission) was not known until 1933. James Bradley was an important astronomer from Gloucestershire, who discovered the aberration of light. In March 2011, the region had the second-lowest unemployment claimant count in England, second to South East England, with 2. 7%. Inside the region, Torbay has the highest rate with 4. 5%, followed by Bristol and Plymouth with 3. East Dorset has the lowest rate with 1. 4%. [133] Population of the South West of England[134] Census Population 1801 1, 355, 811 1811 1, 498, 569 1821 1, 754, 725 1831 1, 981, 488 1841 2, 173, 157 1851 2, 263, 070 1861 2, 319, 593 1881 2, 444, 167 1891 2, 543, 186 1911 2, 825, 046 1921 2, 877, 866 1931 2, 989, 977 1951 3, 483, 675 1961 3, 693, 029 1971 4, 132, 770 1981 4, 163, 729 1991 4, 610, 241 2001 4, 928, 364 2011 Language[edit] The Cornish language evolved from the Southwestern dialect of the Brittonic language spoken during the Iron Age and Roman period. Health[edit] The population in the region with the highest obesity level is Sedgemoor in Somerset, with 73. 4%, the fifth in the UK. North Dorset has the lowest proportion of cancer deaths in England – 97 per 100, 000 (the England average is 142 per 100, 000), down from 162 ten years earlier. In the 2011 census, East Dorset had the highest rate of marriage in the UK; East Dorset also has the third-highest life expectancy for men in the UK at 82. 7. Gloucestershire CC a) Gloucester, b) Tewkesbury, c) Cheltenham, d) Cotswold, e) Stroud, f) Forest of Dean Wiltshire 6. Swindon UA 7. Wiltshire UA Dorset 8. Dorset UA 9. Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole UA Devon 11. Devon CC a) Exeter, b) East Devon, c) Mid Devon, d) North Devon, e) Torridge, f) West Devon, g) South Hams, h) Teignbridge 12. Torbay UA 14. Plymouth UA Cornwall 15. Isles of Scilly sui generis UA 13. The highest point of the region is High Willhays, at 2, 038 feet (621 m), on Dartmoor. [10] In North Devon the slates of the west and limestones of the east meet at Exmoor National Park. The variety of rocks of similar ages seen has led to the county's name being given to that of the Devonian period. The east of the region is characterised by wide, flat clay vales, and chalk and limestone downland. In terms of local government, it was divided after 1974 into Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, and Wiltshire. Avon has since been abolished, and several mainly urban areas have become unitary authorities. Local government[edit] The official region consists of the following geographic counties and local government areas: Map Ceremonial county Non-metropolitan county or unitary authority Non-metropolitan districts Somerset 1. Bath and North East Somerset UA 2. North Somerset UA 10. Somerset UA Bristol 3. Bristol UA Gloucestershire 4. South Gloucestershire UA 5. Live and Work in Plymouth Plymouth is easily accessible via main transport networks, including road, rail and sea, and is just two hours by road from Bristol and three hours by train ... [135] The area controlled by the Britons was progressively reduced by the expansion of Wessex after the 6th century, and in 936 Athelstan set the east bank of the Tamar as the boundary between Anglo-Saxon Wessex and Celtic Cornwall. [136] The Cornish language continued to flourish during the Middle Ages but declined thereafter, and the last speaker of traditional Cornish died in the 19th century. [145] It contributes only 7. 4% of the region's economy[146] and has received EU Convergence funding (formerly Objective One funding) since 2000. [147] Over four million people visit the county each year. [148] The reasons for Cornwall's poor economic performance are complex and apparently persistent, but causes include its remoteness and poor transport links, [139] the decline of its traditional industries, such as mining, agriculture and fishing, the low-wealth generating capacity of tourism, relocation of higher skilled jobs to other parts of the South West, and lack of a concerted economic strategy (although use of European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund monies have been deployed in an attempt at restructuring). e. 924–939. [68] In the absence of any specific documentation to record this event, supporters of Cornwall's English status presume that it then became part of England. However, in 944, within a mere five years of Athelstan's death, King Edmund issued a charter styling himself "King of the English and ruler of this province of the Britons". Thus we can see that then the "province" was a territorial possession, which has long claimed a special relationship to the English Crown. [69] Corfe Castle Corfe Castle in 978 saw the murder of King Edward the Martyr, whose body was taken first to Wareham and then to Shaftesbury. Somerset played an important part in stopping the spread of the Danes in the 9th century. Viking raids took place for instance in 987 and 997 at Watchet[70] and the Battle of Cynwit. The road from Dorchester ran through Yeovil to meet the Fosse Way at Ilchester. Salt was produced on the Somerset Levels near Highbridge and quarrying took place near Bath, named after the Roman baths. [49] Excavations carried out before the flooding of Chew Valley Lake also uncovered Roman remains, indicating agricultural and industrial activity from the second half of the 1st century until the 3rd century AD. The finds included a moderately large villa at Chew Park, [50] where wooden writing tablets (the first in the UK) with ink writing were found. There is also evidence from the Pagans Hill Roman Temple at Chew Stoke. [50][51] In October 2001 the West Bagborough Hoard of 4th-century Roman silver was discovered in West Bagborough. Cost of Living Comparison Between Bristol, United You can change the amount in this calculation. Indices Difference, Info. Consumer Prices in Plymouth are 3.5% lower than in Bristol (without rent) Do you live ... Bristol City v Plymouth Argyle: Latest team news, TV/Live 1 day ago — With another exciting round of Championship action over, it is just a few days until the competitive chaos of the second tier continues in ... In the centre of the county are many military establishments, notably MoD Boscombe Down, the training sites on Salisbury Plain, and the army bases around Tidworth, Larkhill (home of the Royal School of Artillery) and Warminster (HQ of the Infantry). [171] Subdivisions[edit] The region covers much of the historical area of Wessex (omitting only Hampshire and Berkshire), and all of the Celtic Kingdom of Dumnonia which comprised Cornwall, Devon, and parts of Somerset and Dorset. In Salisbury, James heard that some of his officers, such as Edward Hyde, had deserted, and he broke out in a nose-bleed which he took as a bad omen. His commander in chief, the Earl of Feversham, advised retreat on 23 November, and the next day John Churchill deserted to William. On 26 November, James's daughter Princess Anne did the same, and James returned to London the same day, never again to be at the head of a serious military force in England. 'Like a teenager' - Bristol City receive injury boost ahead of 22 hours ago — Plymouth, ensuring Williams will be in a position to face Leicester. Bristol M4 traffic live as lane closed after two-car crash in rush hour.


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