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Two window vacuum cleaners compared: Karcher WV5 versus WV2

Removing dirt and debris from large areas of glass in the house can never be more comfortable with window vacuum cleaners. Thanks to these little machines, you can leave towels, buckets, and cleaning liquids behind. What’s even better is that these helpful devices are more affordable than cordless vacuums used for your floors.

We bet you’re reading this post because you’ve decided to buy a Karcher. While this is a great decision, as Karcher offers its customers with top-rated vacuums, you can be overwhelmed with its wide variety of options. So why not let us take you through a comparison of Karcher’s two best models: the WV5 and WV2?

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1. Specifications

WV5 and WV2’s weight is not much different: 1.5 pounds and 1.3 pounds, respectively. While WV5 Premium’s dimension is 4.9” x 11” x 12.8”, WV2’s measurement is slightly different at 4.8” x 7.2” x 12”. The WV5 can be used for 20 minutes, whereas WV2 can be used for 25 minutes.

Smaller homeowners might find WV5’s capacity good enough for them, as they only need to charge their device for 140 minutes to use for 25 minutes. The WV2, on the other hand, requires 120 minutes to get it fully charged. If these details haven’t given you a good idea of the vast space these two machines can clean, then here it is - the WV5 can clean about 75 square meters, while the WV2 can clean about 60 square meters.

2. Performance

The lists of best vacuum cleaner reviews for windows always include WV2 from Karcher, as it’s been rated highest among many other models. The WV2 comes with a narrow and a wide nozzle, which means cleaning flat surfaces as well as more hidden, tiny areas can be done with ease.

If you do not live in a three-story house with lots of glass space, then the WV2 is probably your ideal choice to keep windows, sliding doors, and bathroom mirrors crystal clear without streaks.

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Users of window vacuums do not need to worry about the location of their sockets, as these cleaners work on battery, just like cordless stick vacuums. Therefore, battery life is one of the most crucial decisive factors when purchasing this home appliance.

As an upgraded version of WV2, the WV5 is designed to save your time and energy. Compared to the WV2, the WV5 has a 25% increase in run time, making it an ideal choice for large homeowners.

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3. User convenience

The best vacuum brand always puts the user's convenience first when developing their products. And Karcher is undeniably one of those as reflected in their WV5 window vacuum cleaner. The WV5’s battery is removable, thus, homeowners with ample glass space would probably prefer to use this model as it’s convenient. You can vacuum and charge (another battery) at the same time.

Besides, we also notice that the WV5 is quieter compared to the WV2. What is more, the WV5 offers users a three-step LED display, allowing users to clean more thoroughly, as it’s right on the screen handle. In short, when it comes to user convenience, the WV5 excels with its older brother - the WV2.

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The bottom line

Karcher dominates the window vacuum cleaners market as they’re one of the best vacuum cleaner brands that provide high quality, reliable, and durable products. We hope our comparison has provided you with useful information so you can make a well-informed decision. No matter which product you choose, you can never go wrong with a Karcher. Click “share” if you like this post, and feel free to leave us your comments below.



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