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― Seth Godin,

Jul 11, 2023

Ep 11: Nellie Pollard-Wharton - 'Co-Design & or Community led and origins of First Nations Response

EP 11 with Nellie Pollard-Wharton yarning all things 'Co-Design', Community Development and the impact of community led initiatives such as the origin story of the rise of @first_nations_response together with @coral lever during the height of Lockdown - it is one not to be missed! If you not already following the work of FNR check them out and look at how you can support the amazing food security work they are doing across Sydney. Shout out to City of Sydney council who since this episode was filmed announced FNR as a successful grant recipient that has contributed some funding towards payment for this critical community service. Impact Policy was proud to sponsor the recent Elders morning tea cooridnated and provided by FNR for the Glebe NAIDOC 2023 event. Thanks to our project sponsors at @amanakistudios for producing first class video and story telling content everytime.

March 14th 2023

Ep 10: Jioji Ravulo - "Decolonising, Deconstructing & Disrupting Dominant Discourses"

The #criminaljusticesystem is not full of what the papers lead you to believe. Tough on Crime is a failed public policy that rears its head again and again, often around election time. That continues to see little shift in the risk of reoffending. What i know, from what i have seen, lived and learned graduating with honours in #criminology from UNSW is that there is an epidemic of untreated #childhoodtrauma , undiagnosed or untreated #mentalhealth and #addiction Deconstructing Dominant Discourses across Disciplines with Professor Jioji Ravulo Head of Social Work and Policy at University of Sydney explores a range of different theories in the social work, policy and community development space including the work in the field of critical whiteness. Jioji unpacks recent work in this field and shares key learnings about understanding what we can learn about this thinking. This is an absolute game changing episode, we tackle so much from decolonisation, critical whiteness, social work theory, the criminalisation of trauma, youth engagement and service delivery, how to make services more appropriate for Indigenous young people, the Manly Sea Eagle Pride Week Jersey scandel and what we can learn through that discourse and even the overpolicing and banning of Western Sydney Pasifika Drill Group One Four and the recent research coming out of the school of Criminology at University of Sydney and then some!

Episode 9: Dylan Voller - 'No Justice No Peace'

Apr 26, 2023

5 years on from the Royal Commission, surviving Don Dale, the impact of childhood abuse and incarceration and advice and guidance for services working with young people with complex needs. Dylan Voller takes us on a deep dive into life post Don Dale, trauma and his healing journey. Dylan shares some critical insights into a broken system through the lens of his lived experience. We talk about abuse, systemic violence, crime, deaths in custody and addiction and mental health. Thank you so much to Dylan for giving up his time to share his story. Viewers are to be advised that the following podcast may contain content that some viewers and listeners find triggering or disturbing. This includes a warning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers that there is reference to names of Aboriginal people who have died including sensitive issues such as Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, child abuse, drug use and suicidal ideation. For some people this content can be overwhelming, please consider reaching out to lifeline 13 11 14 or for mob 13 YARN

Episode 8: Osher Günsberg Debunking the stigma and face of complex mental illness and addiction

March 27, 2023

 #recovery #healing #power

Much #power in this #storytelling for #professionals and #highperformers who continue to show up everyday, still batting the darkest of demons. There is a way out, but like Osher said "you cant be what you cant see" so we hope for someone out there finds this story of #livedexperience valuable. Season 2 of the Impact Policy AU Policy Podcast drops Monday! with Osher Günsberg talking to the power of #livedexperience in #recovery and #healing “ Its hard cause I had got to let go of resentment. Resentment is a reason to behave badly. We can often use resentment as a justification to make poor choices but the only person who pays the price is you.” So much power in the insight of Osher Günsberg #livedexperience 1 in 5 people are impacted by complex mental illness either personally or through someone you know and love. Thanks for all our supporters of these episodes and this journey and to our podcast sponsors Amanaki Studios for always showing up and producing first class footage. Everytime.

Episode 07: Jo Gaines - 'Purpose, Leadership and Surviving DFV'

March 14th 2023

Alongside going from strength to strength as a #leader in her Salesforce career and now that #livedexperience of her childhood experiences of domestic and family violence inspire her to champion diversity and inclusion professionally as well as purpose within the office and outside through the advocacy and community work she does. It was an absolute privilege to share space with Jo and for her to feel safe that she could bring her whole self to the yarn. As a survivor of DFV it was a challenging yarn to hold, but one I think we did with integrity. Alongside that, we also take a deep dive into the significance of #valuesbasedleadership as part of building your brand and its significance in todays market in building meaningful and long term consumer relationships. Some yarns you will never forget, this upcoming #podcast with Jo Gaines is one of them. Coming off the back of the United Nations Global #16daysofactivism against gendered based violence. Both as survivors of childhood domestic and family violence we reflect on #livedexperience , Jo's advocacy work with Women's Community Shelters , purpose, values, and equity and diversity entry pathways in Salesforce. I cannot thank Jo enough for sharing space and her story with me. It was an emotional one that struck a few chords for both of us at different stages. I know it is important to share this episode because there may be just one person who views it and takes strength from it. And that could be the difference for them.

Episode 6: Katelyn Clarke -Media Bias and Misrepresentation of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal people

November 22nd 2022

Katelyn is a year 11 student at International Grammar School in Sydney, she is a current HSC Aboriginal studies student and recently completed her major work on the media bias and misrepresentation of missing and murdered first nations people, her in depth and a critical piece was submitted just recently for the senate inquiry in missing and murdered First Nations people. Katelyn reflects on the significance of studying Aboriginal studies in the HSC and the benefit of embedding Aboriginal Culture and knowledge throughout the education and learning experience.

Episode 5: Nat Heath - Aboriginal Engagement, Language, Strategy and the rise of #TriMob 

October 11th 2022

Nat takes us on a deep dive into his own journey, Aboriginal education, language revitalisation and early childhood education. We talk about Aboriginal outcomes, some challenges around complex social policy such as Closing the Gap and redefining measures of success our people.

Alongside sharing his own personal journey which has spanned his entire adult career working in Aboriginal education, Nat has achieved some amazing outcomes for young people at the grass roots as a mentor and over the past few years has embedded those experiences and knowledge into the Public Sector with a lead role in language revitalisation in early learning. 

Nat is also the founder of TriMob an Aboriginal Tri-Athlon organisation that is already making a significant impact, he leads the provision of programs weekly for Aboriginal young people and their families to access the sport of Tri-athlon, its a great yarn with exciting things to come.

Episode 4: Jim Betts - Vision, Vales and Vulnerability - Transforming Aboriginal Outcomes

September 12, 2022

A must watch for leaders! What a privilege to sit down with Jim again after some time to reflect on his journey. It's a deep, real and raw look into what it takes to truly transform systems.

Episode 3: Adam Thompson - "Finding your purpose, sabbatical, service and social impact 

August 4 2022

An inspiring yarn with local legend Adam Thompson. We explore the power of giving back to community and the ingredients for authentic and impactful programming.

Episode 2: Zoey Kennedy - "Driving Systematic change through peer led inclusion"

June 30th, 2022

Zoey is a trailblazer in the critical field of workplace equity, diversity and inclusion. Zoey is the founder of Spark & Co consulting and is having huge impact in inspiring staff to create more inclusive, informed and safer work spaces.

Episode 1:  Adam Hansen - "Finding Purpose Against the Odds"

May 20th, 2022

So great to kick off the Impact Policy podcast series with my oldest friend Adam Hansen. We’ve been through so much together as kids and so was a nice play to go back to and reflect as we move forward with this project.

Reflecting on our challenges and insights from growing up and finding ourselves in a society that had the odds stacked against us. Can’t wait to get him back on to hear all about what he’s doing in the training and education space and to talk all things Cultural capability, community capacity and social change.


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