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Access - Equity - Inclusion - Justice

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Social Policy and Project Management

Transforming policy into practice can be complex, through strong Governance, clear communication and meaningful engagement we work with clients to provide advice and guidance or lead project implementation.

We could talk more about what we do, but probably best to let some of the work we have led speak for itself, you can watch the full case study here

Digital Communications

Communication is critical for projects and policy where social impact is present. Communicating the purpose and impact of projects and policy strengthens their integrity and longevity for the communities the are designed to impact.

Check out this case study we produced for Aboriginal Affairs NSW, an example of taking a complex piece of  legislation, Aboriginal Languages Act 2017 and translating what this legislation means for Aboriginal communities and language revitalisation, you can watch the full piece here

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Cultural Capability, Reconciliation & Learning, and Development

Experience in coordinating significant social and community events, such as National Reconciliation Week and partnering with clients to develop Reconciliation Action Plans. 

Proven success in delivering Cultural capability programs and services, including coordination of immersion experiences and development of resources to strengthen Cultural capability through learning and development.

Check out our opening address at Murama Dance Ground for the launch of Place Based Reconciliation Action Plans and the great work Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff at Department of Planning Industry and Environment are doing about starting with Country, check out the full opening remarks here

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