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scholarship winners

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This years Scholarship had an amazing outcome! Thank you to our Partners that helped support these Inspiring, Passionate young ones! and specials Thank you to everyone who applied! good luck with all your Future endeavours we are all so proud of you!  




Zara is 11 years old, with dreams of becoming a Forensic scientist. 

Zara is 11 years old and has dreamt of being a forensic scientist or the first Aboriginal woman to walk on the moon. Zara has been accepted at Corpus Christi College Maroubra.

How has the Spark Impact youth scholarship helped you? I can use my Scholarship to pay for my school fees and other things I need for high highschool.




Birri is 1 of 5 kids and raised in Redfern, a proud Koori Girl.

Birri is 1 of 5 born and raised In Redfern currently living on the block. Birri has excelled in sport for the past 2 year making representatives team in 3 different sports Basketball, Touch Football And Oz tag. Birri is a proud Koori girl that love to represent her family & community through sport and just being her unapologetic deadly self. She is also very loving, kind, caring & confident

How has the Spark Impact youth scholarship helped you? Birri is travellig to Melbourne with her Basketball Team The Sydney Commets, the Scholarship has helped her pay for accommodations while she travels. 


Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at


Penelope I am a  9YO Wiradjuri & Palawa kid living with yindyamarra (respect) on Dharawal Country.

I wanted to make something that was educational and fun. With each different episode I research my subject and can then hopefully teach others what I've learnt, which is really dhirrangal (important) to me. So far I've worked with filmmaker Josh Davis, who has also worked with Briggs on some of his music videos and lots more. That makes me feel dyiramadilinya (proud) and professional. We've very recently released the first episode of Towney Time titled, 'The Emu in the Sky'. I made this film with a Wiradjuri Astrophysicist named Kirsten Banks and in it, we talk about a star story my late Grandfather, Graeme 'Doongbung' Towney shared with me. It was fun working with Kirsten and I learnt lots from her too. 

I've never received any type of funding grant before now, so I'm excited and happy about it. I try my best and this makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing and am on the right path. I want continue making films land learning lots along the way, which hopefully inspires other kids to follow their dreams also. 

How has the Spark Impact youth scholarship helped you? I used the Spark Impact grant to buy an IPad & Apple Pencil for digital illustrations and I bought microphones and some extra equipment to assist me with filming for the YouTube channel that I've created titled, Towney Time. Towney Time is culture, science, art, gaming and lots more.


Spark Impact Scholarship



What is the Spark Impact Scholarship? 


In 2023 Impact Policy founded and led the coordination of the Spark Impact Scholarship. Funding 13 financial scholarships towards an Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander young person to support access to education, training, sporting, arts or whatever other goals and aspirations the applicants are working towards. It is a scholarship for young people from low income backgrounds that may be experiencing or at risk of experiencing financial hardship.

Scholarships are funded by a collective of Aboriginal businesses and is about Black Philanthropy and Aboriginal businesses and leaders collectively together determining our philanthropic agenda and self determination. The amazing Aboriginal businesses that made the scholarship program possible for 2023 include;


How can I apply for a Spark Impact Scholarship? 

Applications for 2023 have now closed and successful applicants have all been notified. Stay tuned for upcoming case studies of successful applicants as we celebrate youth excellence!

Why are we doing this?


This is the first year Impact Policy has sponsored this pilot scholarship program. There are a handful of $1000 grants available that have been funded by Aboriginal businesses. Aboriginal people and businesses self determining our philanthropy and reinvesting back into our communities and our future leaders is our core social responsibility. It reinforces Impact Policies core values of access, equity, inclusion and justice. 


When and where?


Applications are open from 1st May and will close June 30. Applications will be assessed based on their merit, we recognise that it will be a challenging task to identify successful winners from many applications. Short listed applications will be shared amongst a small group of panel members (made up of scholarship sponsors) to determine the final outcomes. 


Successful scholarship recipients will be notified by 27th of July by email and/or phone from a representative from Impact Policy. Coordinating payment of the scholarship funds and next steps between young people and their families and Impact Policy.


How are funds awarded and assessed?


Successful applicants are too outline how they intend to use their funds, with costs paid directly from Impact Policy to invoices or accounts. The scholarship is not intended to be a direct payment to the applicants account unless other options are not available, but can be used to pay necessary costs associated with the purpose of their application. For example, travel costs for sports or education opportunities, purchasing resources – eg laptops or course fees or supplies to support goals. 


Please note:


This is the first time we are implementing this scholarship program. We recognise that there may be better ways to delivery this as the program grows. We appreciate our communities support and understanding as we navigate how we grow our impact together in the philanthropic space.

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