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Impact Policy has developed a mentoring program aimed at executive and senior leaders.


The purpose of the mentoring program is to strengthen relationships between Senior leaders and Aboriginal people through a relational mentoring program.


This embeds First Nations perspectives, improve, and enhance the cultural capability of organisations by partnering senior leaders with a First Nations mentor with both lived and professional experience working and living in Aboriginal communities and driving change at organisations.


The concept is underpinned by two-way conversations whereby mentees can ask for advice,

guidance and input on First Nations matter involving policy, service delivery, culture,

history and understanding. This is designed to meet participants where they are at, whether foundational and formative introductions to Aboriginal People and Culture or more nuanced and specific based on the Cultural Capability of participants.


What to Expect


  • Participants are personally matched with an Aboriginal mentor.


  • 8-10 structured mentoring sessions between participants and their mentor


  • Access to Cultural capability resources, support, advice, and guidance


  • Connect with other like-minded senior leaders with shared values
  • Full day place based Cultural immersion on Gadigal Country, Redfern. Including Aboriginal language and Cultural dance workshops, Walking tour, community engagement and participation and stronger connections to local Aboriginal organisations and stakeholders across inner Sydney.


  • End of program in person debrief and yarning circle.



SLAM Program

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