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What We Do

We are trusted advisors that specialise in co design, community engagement, research and communications that impact policy, projects and strengthen communities.


Our Services

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Co-design and community engagement 

  • Strategic advice and guidance

  • Consultation, facilitation, design, research and evaluation

  • Communication and engagement strategy

  • Social impact and planning strategy

Communications, Strategy and Videography

  • Digital communications services such as videography, photography, editing and animation.

  • Internal and external strategy

  • Specialise in communicating complex policy or project aims and outcomes through story telling and video.

Research and Evaluation

  • Impact Policy uses qualitative and quantitative methodologies, specialising in mixed methods and critical Indigenous research methods to deliver research and evaluation services. We design methodologies that are bespoke to project needs and are agile and responsive to project or community needs. We specialise in using video to communicate impact, through case study research or as part of wider evaluation.

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Organisational Pulse Check

Impact Policy delivers a 'health check' product as a discovery offer for new clients or those with an existing relationship who just seek a check of the pulse for how their programs, partnership and/or policies are operating.

We assess  capability through a cultural lens and provide valuable feedback and recommendations on how to progress towards implementing RAPS, Engagement and Employment strategies or Learning and Development.

To find out more get in touch below for further information.


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Acknowledgement of Country Online Training 

Coming soon!

This online training builds on years of working in the Cultural capability space and bringing that knowledge into a personal and intimate learning and development experience.


 Taking participants on a personal journey of connection with Country, understanding these principles and having access to trusted advisors at Impact Policy for an exclusive Q&A. 

Curious? reach out to the team to express your interest in the next cohort

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Senior Leaders Aboriginal Mentoring (SLAM) Program 

Taking enrolments for August intake now!

The SLAM program provides a structured mentoring platform and program for Senior leaders to build their Cultural capability and confidence through an intimate mentoring relationship with Aboriginal professionals.

Curious? Download our 2024 SLAM Prospectus here.


We look forward to seeing you on the journey with us soon! 

To hear more about the impact of programs such as SLAM check out Ep4 Impact Policy Podcast with Jim Betts Secretary Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communication and the Arts.

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Want to learn more about our` services? Get in touch today and lets see what we can offer you.

Since Sam joined us in 2021 as an advisor to the Yuwaya Ngarra-li partnership between UNSW and the Dharriwaa Elders Group, Walgett, his contribution has enhanced and amplified our work in a myriad of ways. He has a deep commitment to the value of community leadership and collaboration, and has brought his broad networks and extensive knowledge to serve and amplify community vision and priorities.

Sam is a dedicated, thoughtful, humble and strategic contributor.  He has produced key outputs to tight deadlines and a high quality for multiple audiences, bringing nuanced knowledge of the university, community, government and not-for-profit sectors. His expertise and experience across multiple social policy areas and in communications and collaboration have been invaluable to Yuwaya Ngarra-li’s holistic and community-led approach. 

Ruth McCauseland
Associate Professor

University of New South Wales 



0466 036 006

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